World Cup, Granada, prone men

HenriJunghänel60 shots, sun and 34 degress, this is the right moment for a good iris aperture, colour filter amd polarizer. This are parts that you need for the difficult lights on the shooting range at the Sierra Nevada.
Vitali Bubnovich from Belarus was gone at the first in the final with a result from 630.7 points. Behind him was the Germans Henri Junghänel with 629.2 and Niccolas Schallenberger with 627.7. To get in the final you need series from 104.3 points a result from 625.7 points in the total.
187.3 points was shoot Henri Junghänel and get the 3rd place. He was only 0.5 points behind Carsten Brandt from Danemark before he shoots the last serie against Alexander Schmirl from Austria. In the last final serie shoots Carsten Brandt a complet result from 208.6 points and get the 2nd place. Alexander Schmirl take the first place with a result from 209.5 and wons this World Cup and climb on the first stage on the podium. 

Final results

Qualification results

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