World Cup, Granada, AR women

Final hallAfter the new rules it is much more easier to make a new world record. But at the end of the World Cup Saison Liuxi Wu from china was shoot a new world record. With 421.0 points and series of 105.2 she make a great new record. Every shoot must be a 10.5.
The world record before was by 419.7 from the Serbia shooter Andrea Arsovic. She was place on position for in this competition. To go in the final you must have 417.9 points what are a means that you need 104.4 points in every serie.
Ivana Maksimovic from Serbia was qualificed with 418.3 for the final, with the same result like Lisa Ungerank from Austria.
The girl from China Siling Yi wons the final with 210.8 points before Lisa Ungerank with 208.5. The 3rd place gone to Liuxi Wu. Ivana Maksimovic wasn't found to her best form in the final and takes the 8th place.

Final results

Qualification results

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