World Cup, Granada, 3x40 men

RajmondDebevecProne, standing, kneeling was yesterday. Today it is kneeling, prone, standing.
But not only the order in 3x40 are in the past, also the World Cup in Granada, Spain, who are finished with the disciplin 3x40. There are they shooting of full points in the qualification, so they are change only the order of the positions.
With 1170 you was in the final, where they are shoot now also all 3 positions.
Rajmond Debevec from Slowenia was qualificated on position number 6. With 1170 points and 60 inside tens he was shoot a great qualifaction competition.
On position number one was Arthur Aivazian from Ukrain with a result from 1180 points. That will be a importanz point in the old finalsystem and a great base to go in the old finalsystem. But in the new finalsystem they are start from zero with 3 series of 5 shoots in the kneeling position. In this position was gone Rajmond Debevec on position number one with a result of 152.7 points. In the short break to change everything for the prone position, you need something like the new SPEED-System to change the parts on your rifle and take it in the right position for prone shooting. Again they was start with 3 series with 5 shoots. With 309.7 points was Rajmond again on the first position. Again a short break and it was gone on with 2 Series in the standing position. Which are the base for the new excretory system. A 7.3 was take Rajmond on position number 5. With a total result from 456.5 points Jie Li from China was take the first place. Behind him witha result from 451.8 points was Serhiy Kulish from Ukrain and Alexander Schmirl on place number 3.

Final results

Qualification results

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