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MEC and centra at IWA 2016

IWA-2016-Logo-300dpiAlso this year we are at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2016th

Together with our partner company centra you can find us in Hall 7A Stand 113th

For you on site are Maik Eckhardt and Christiane Klöckner.

The team centra is with Johann Zähringer and Michael Janker on the spot.

We look forward to your visit.

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From duplex to duplex Vario

Which solution is right for me?

Aiming with micrometre peep sights and a front sight tunnel is an almost perfect solution. But even nearly perfect solutions can still be improved. In competitive sports, every point counts, especially in finals or benchrest shooting. Those tenth can make the difference between success and failure. Indeed the tolerances are tiny, particularly while aiming, when the front sight can become misaligned with the iris aperture. In fact, if the front sight is not perfectly centred in the iris aperture, the shot will miss the bullseye.

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MEC ON TOUR - International arms exchange Kassel

Werbung InnoZ 191015


The international arms exchange, short WBK, is a public exhibition for everyone. From November 26 to 29, we are represented for the first time with a booth of MEC and centra in Kassel. You will find us in hall 2 directly in the innovation center shooting sports and hunting, stand number: T-11th. Opening times: Thursday 10-18 clock, Friday 10-18 clock, Saturday 10-18 and Sunday 10-14 clock.



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The “dry eye” A genuine handicap in sport shooting

About the causes and treating the symptoms with liposomal eye spray

Dryness is one of the most frequent problems we experience with our eyes. It can manifest itself in a range of different symptoms: A feeling of dryness or that there is something in the eye, redness, a burning sensation, itchiness, scratching, streaming eyes, pressure, tired eyes, light sensitivity, eyelids that are stuck together in the morning and swelling or inflammation at the edges of the eyelids.

Symptoms like these are particularly problematic for shooters, as they have a major impact on visual acuity and therefore on concentration, too.


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Now available – the MEC Free Position II

We unveiled it at IWA, the international trade fair for shooting sports in Nuremberg, and now it is in stock and available for delivery – the MEC Free Position II.

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Catalogue 2015/2016 available

Finally it is here! Our brand new catalogue is printed and ready for shipment!

If you want an exemplar – ease write a short mail to:

Kataloge sind da

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MEC Project – a classic is back.

Shooters often ask us which is the “right” stock and, with more and more makes and models coming onto the market, they are certainly spoilt for choice. However, choosing a good stock is critical – find one that fits you, and you’ll usually have no problem landing shots on the target straight away. A few shots is all it takes to get a feeling for the balance of a stock, and the first shot groups will tell you when you’re about to embark on a beautiful partnership. Another criterion to bear in mind is the construction of a stock. Should it be made up of several parts, or be one solid piece? These are questions that we can’t offer a definitive answer for, either. The theories vary widely. The fact is, however, that a two-part stock is not going to suit every shooter. Naturally, such objective features are relatively easy to identify.

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Full programm in March

March is always an exciting and stressful time for us but also beautiful. The IWA and the ISAS stand at the door and this year we are also represented at the European Championships. Besides, we are also working hard on our new catalog. In March so true: Full Program!

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MEC and centra at the IWA

EN_H_7A_S_113Next year you will find us again at the International Exhibition in Nuremberg weapons! 6.-9. March 2015,  Halle 7A Stand 113.


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TEAMWORK - MEC centra catalogue now available

Cover 2014 englisch

"The view into the distance opens up space for ideas. Good ideas are TEAMWORK”

centra and MEC have pursued this guiding principle over recent years and become a strong team. However, our shared company philosophy has not just resulted in close collaboration, it has also given rise to a 164-page product catalogue.

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