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Contact IV

Butt-plate Contact IV

Butt-plate Contact IV

The fourth contact comes from MEC and Centra! No matter which gun, whether during the world cup, national league or during bench rest competitions: the majority trust the market leader. We have invented the aluminum butt plate for air rifles, now we are setting the new standard. It took some time until the Contact IV was ready to hit the market. But the waiting was worth it. Here are the details:

-       Height adjustments can be done with millimeter precision while in your shooting position

-       Dual-joint wings, variable in angle and distance

-       Smaller wing areas, movable in height, side and rotation.

-       Secure positioning of all elements by notch system

-       The high-stressed functions and adjustments are manufactuered in stainless steel.

-       Hooks for small bore can be accessed easily, high power compatible.

-       All screws can be conveniently reached, clear design

The individual solution for all rifles and for every shooting position. A mechancial master piece that fascinates and functions everlasting.  The Contact IV: Naturally continues to have nobs made out of natural rubber. But significantly more variable and steady so that it really can be adjusted for every position. We have tested it...

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