MEC Project – a classic is back.

Shooters often ask us which is the “right” stock and, with more and more makes and models coming onto the market, they are certainly spoilt for choice. However, choosing a good stock is critical – find one that fits you, and you’ll usually have no problem landing shots on the target straight away. A few shots is all it takes to get a feeling for the balance of a stock, and the first shot groups will tell you when you’re about to embark on a beautiful partnership. Another criterion to bear in mind is the construction of a stock. Should it be made up of several parts, or be one solid piece? These are questions that we can’t offer a definitive answer for, either. The theories vary widely. The fact is, however, that a two-part stock is not going to suit every shooter. Naturally, such objective features are relatively easy to identify.


The MEC Project stock is milled from one piece and comes in several colours. If you are looking for a high-quality aluminium stock, you need look no further – the MEC Project is back. This stock offers a wide range of adjustment options and its various elements are finished to the ultimate quality standard. It boasts a classic, modern design, which is important, since a shooter’s stock has to look the part, too.

In the end, finding the ideal stock is and always will be a matter of personal preference. You will only achieve good scores with a stock that you like. Of course, this sense of harmony is almost impossible to measure and ultimately you need to feel it for yourself. It is normally the grip that really cements the intangible bond between a shooter and his or her stock. The grip on the MEC Project is mounted on a ball joint, which means it can be manoeuvred in almost any way imaginable. This is another advantage, since a stock that fits comfortably in the shooter’s hand can usually be very easily adjusted in all other areas.

It is for all these reasons that successful shooters will try out practically every new stock that comes onto the market. They may borrow a stock they haven’t used before from a colleague and fire a few shots to get an idea of how the rifle shoots. If the first attempts are promising, they will try it out a bit more. A good dealer will allow shooters to test a stock for a good length of time, so that they can scrutinise their first impressions more closely. Both Maik Eckhardt and Johann Zähringer have been successful with the MEC Project. And many other top shooters – and hobbyists – continue to rely on the quality of the stock.

Once a shooter has bonded with his stock, there’s no stopping a blossoming relationship. The barrel shoots, the stock hits the target. It’s an old saying in Germany, but it always rings true. If your eye also likes the colour and shape, there’s nothing to hold you back from a long and happy friendship...

The uncompromising build quality of the MEC Project will nurture this friendship – its functionality, anatomy and design are unrivalled. The stock is available for many standard systems (smallbore and 300m). We can also provide personalised advice and customisation options to ensure that every shooter finds the right stock.

The new generation of the stock comes in two different designs. Should you have any questions, simply get in touch or check out our website. We’ll find the perfect solution.


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