Full programm in March

March is always an exciting and stressful time for us but also beautiful. The IWA and the ISAS stand at the door and this year we are also represented at the European Championships. Besides, we are also working hard on our new catalog. In March so true: Full Program!


As of 3:03. are Steffi and Denise for you in Arnhem on site.

Johann, Maik and Christiane are from 06:03. at the IWA in Nuremberg there for you.

And then the ISAS is already at the door again and this time even in a double.

1st time event is from 18.03.-22.03.

2. competition weekend is from 27.03.-29.03.

We are of course included, as well as a double, you will find us on the ISAS LLZ and with us in the Zenrale in the Hanover Street.

Exact ISAS opening times can be found on our website.

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