From duplex to duplex Vario

Which solution is right for me?

Aiming with micrometre peep sights and a front sight tunnel is an almost perfect solution. But even nearly perfect solutions can still be improved. In competitive sports, every point counts, especially in finals or benchrest shooting. Those tenth can make the difference between success and failure. Indeed the tolerances are tiny, particularly while aiming, when the front sight can become misaligned with the iris aperture. In fact, if the front sight is not perfectly centred in the iris aperture, the shot will miss the bullseye.

If the shooter shifts his front sight tunnel and front sight ring in heights or sideways, the results can be displaced without noticing. Shooters have to take the utmost care not to make a mistake like that. They need to make sure their eye is centred precisely on the rearsight iris on each and every shot. However, that is a very difficult thing to do, especially in challenging light conditions and over the course of long series.

The "Duplex" is an additional centring unit that relieves the eye and doesn’t place any extra demands on a shooter’s concentration. The intermediate ring that it produces gives the eye an extra point of reference that provides a clearer indication of an alignment error. Integrating this additional ring concentrically into the sighting line was a real challenge. The result is an X-Y adjustment-unit, the Duplex. Technology made by MEC & centra!

When every tenth counts, the Duplex is the answer. The logical extension to the Duplex is the Duplex-Vario. The centring ring is now variable and can be adjusted to suit personal requirements.

Two adjustment ranges are available. The 3.4 – 4.4 range has been developed for rearsights with short anti-glare tubes, such as the SPY and FREE-SIGHT. The 3.8 – 4.8 range, meanwhile, is intended for use with rearsights that have long anti-glare tubes, such as Anschütz and FWB models. The size of the centring ring should ideally be adjusted so that the light space (gap) between the iris aperture and the centring ring is relatively small.

That way, the tiniest misalignments are immediately apparent and your aiming becomes significantly more precise. If you need to readjust your iris aperture due to changing light conditions, or if you put a filter in place, you can also alter the adjustable centring ring of the Duplex-Vario to match – just as on an adjustable front sight ring. It is a solution that is convenient, but absolutely uncompromising.

The alternative to the centring ring – whether a variable model or as a fixed Duplex-Insert is the “Duplex-Iris”. As a stepless adjustment system, it allows you to modify the gap between the front sight tunnel and iris aperture as required. If you close the Duplex-Iris so much that only a very narrow strip of light is visible around the front sight tunnel, you will be able to see every tiny aiming error. The Duplex-Iris is a popular choice among indoor air rifle shooters. We recommend the Duplex-Vario for outdoor shooters who fire from 50 m and 100 m and who will benefit from having a clear view of wind flags and other indicators.

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  1. Sharad Deshmukh says:


    My daughter is 10 meter air rifle shooter using Walther LG 400 Anatomic.

    I received a catalogue sent by you.
    Many thanks for the same.

    I want to give the best equipments to my daughter for shooting but it is difficult for me to choose as there is nobody to guide us.
    After going through the catalogue we have shortlisted some products.
    I wish to enquire where all of these products/equipments all allowed in competitions by ISSF?
    Also I wish to know more about the selection of right and/or compatible product for Walther LG 400 Anatomic air rifle.
    Our shortlisted products are listed below along with the relevant questions about them if any.


    How to decide the size?
    Are there only two diameters (e.g. 3.8 and 4.2) are available or more from 3.8 to 4.2?

    Is it to be used with Duplex or Duplex Vario?

    Is it the best having ALL features or is there something better than this?

    Page 51 mirror*
    Hoe to decide which mirror we should choose?

    Is it advisable to use this for indoor purpose?
    What is criteria to decide between M18 and M22?

    How does it improves the results?


    What are the differences between these two cheek pieces?
    How to select one of them?

    Page 127 and 128- How to select the right tube?


    Why and how to use it? Is there any other accessory needed while using this trigger gauge?

    How to use this slider (rifle ?) ?

    You may sound these question very simple/funny/ or anything but without knowing the required information we will not be able to order them.

    So we request you to please clear our doubts and enlighten us.

    Thanks for patiently reading my mail.
    Awaiting for your reply.

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