ECH, Osijek, 3x40 men

The European Championship in Osijek will be goes to the end. With the disciplin who will take a lot from the atlethes, will be finished the last important disciplin in rifle shooting.

Peter Sidi from Hugary was goes in the final with a result of 1171 points on position 7. He was shoot in kneeling 387 points, in prone 393 points and in standing 391 points. The best shooter from Germany was Henri Junghänel. He take place 22 with a result from 383 points in kneeling, 399 points in prone and 378 points in standing. He shoot a complet result from 1160 points. Place 33 was taken by Nicolas Schallenberger with 1157 points and place 40 to Daniel Brodmeier with 1154 points.


At the first time Nazar Louginets from Russia was start in the mens at a European Championship. He was take position 1 in the Final with a result from 1180 points. After the kneeling position Yury Shcherbatsevich from Belarus was on position 1 with a result of 154.7 points. Peter Sidi was shoot 145.4 points and was the last in the final after the kneeling position. Position 5 was taken by Nazar Louginets with 149.3 points. 15 shoots later in the prone position was Yury Shcherbatsevich again on position 1. With a result from 308.3 points. But this time Peter Sidi can not show what he can, 299.3 points was he shoot and he was again on position 8. After 2 series with 5 shoots in standing, Peter Sidi was gone as second from the final and take place 7 with a result of 397.5 points. Behind him was Mickael D Halluin from France. With 418.5 points Yry Shecherbatsevich was leave the finale with 418.5 points and take the 5th place. Narzar Louginets was make a great fight with the Valerian Sauveplane from france. After 2 series in standing was the result 401.7 points for Louginets and 402.9 points for Sauveplane. Than the young shooter from Russia was shoot 9.6, 10.4, 10.0, 10,4 and for France 9.4, 10.2, 9.4, 10.5 and at the last shoot the result was 442.1 points for Louginets and 442.4 points for Sauveplane. A 9.2 from Valerian Sauveplane was the reason that he was take the 2nd place with a complet result from 451.6 points. Narzar Louginets was shoot in the last shoot a 10.2 and get a result from 452.3 points. So he was the new European Champion. Place 3 was taken by Vitali Bubnovich from Belarus.

The team of france was shoot 3513 points with the shooters Cyrill Graff (1177 points), Mickael D Halluin (1168 points) and Valerian Sauveplane (1168 points) and take the first place. They also make a new European- and Worldrecord which was before shoot from Mario Knögler, Christian Planer and Thomas Farnik in 2003. Place 2 was taken by the team of Russia from Nazar Louginets (1180 points), Fedor Vlsov (1168 points) and Denis Sokolov (1161 points). The 3rd place was taken by Belarus with 3501 points and Illia Charheika (1162 points), Yury Shecherbatsevich (1171 points and Vitali Bubnovich (1168 points). The team of Germany was taken the 7th place with 3471 points.

Here you find the results

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