ECH, Osijek, 3x20 women

The womens will be start with the prone shooting at the European Championships  in Osijek. Here will be shoot not like by the mens prone competition. The womens was shoot at full points. Natallia Kalnysch from the Urkain was shoot 597 at take the first place at this competition. Ramona Goessler from Germany was taken the second place with a result of 595 points. Behind her was Kata Veres from Hungary with a reult of 593 points. Amerlie Kleinmanns was take place 13 with 590 ponts, Constanze Rotzsch place 46 with 582 points. The Team from Germany was take place 2 with 1767 points. With also 1767 points but one more inner ten was take the team from the Ukrain place 1. Place 3 was gone to the team from Poland. 


3x20 was shoot with the new rules. The women was start with kneeling, prone and standing. Ivana Maksomovic was on position 2 to the final. With 194 points in kneeling, 198 points in prone and 192 points in the standing position, she get a complet result from 584 points. On position one was Snejezana Pejcic with 585 points. 191 points in kneeling, 199 points in prone and 195 points in standing. Ammelie Kelinmanns from Germany was on position number 7. She was shoot 582 points, 192 in kneeling, 196 points in prone and 193 points in standing positon. The result from the team of Germany was not enough for a medall. Constanze Rotzsch was shoot 578 points, Yconne Jaeckel 573 points. The German team was with 1733 points at Place 6. The team of the Czech Republic was taken the first place with 1737 place, before the team of France with 1736 points. Place 3 was taken by the team of Poland with the same result but not so many innen tens.

In the kneeling position at the Final was Amelie Kleinmanns gone to position 2 with 151.7. 0.3 points more was shoot Laurence Brize from france who take position number 1. Ivana Maksimovic from Serbia was with 150.9 points on position 4. In the prone position Amelie was shoot really good. A result from 308.4 ponts was take her to position number 1. 3.7 points less was Ivana on position number 2. That was a great result to go to the standing position. The result from 456.2 points was enough for Ameli to take the first place and get the new European Champion. The second place take Snejezana Pejcic from Croatia with 453.9 points. Ivana Maksimovic was take the 3rd place.

Here you find the results

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