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Successful German Championship for the MEC team

IMG_3308 (2)The first weekend at the German Championship has passed and our MECis were not only hard-working at the booth. Steffi had the chance to show her shooting skills on the range even three times. Regarding to the question about her best result she clearly answered: “571 in three-position was just awesome, it could not be any better. Finally I shot more than 570.” But with her results in air rifle (388) and 582 in prone-position she could also be very pleased.

Of course we do not want to forget our boss who had to start with small-bore rifle. Even two times Maik participated in the finals and showed his competitors that he is still remarkable. In the end Maik achieved 7th place in three-position and 4th place in prone-position. Because of the great result with his team from Bruchmühlen Maik could be happy nevertheless. Together the team achieved the 2nd place and earned the silver medal.

We hope your German Championship was also quite successful! How was it for you? Do you actually have to start once again? We look forward to read each and every of your posts.

We are still there for you at our booth in Munich until Sunday and are excited for the Junior weekend.

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Lyne Tremblay "A big thank you to a great team!"

Two years ago, Lyne visited us in Dortmund – wow, how can it be two years already!!! Unbelievable!!! She told us then what her biggest dream was: “I want to be in the national team!”

Of course, we all kept our fingers crossed - and it paid off...

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ECH, Osijek, 3x40 men

The European Championship in Osijek will be goes to the end. With the disciplin who will take a lot from the atlethes, will be finished the last important disciplin in rifle shooting.

Peter Sidi from Hugary was goes in the final with a result of 1171 points on position 7. He was shoot in kneeling 387 points, in prone 393 points and in standing 391 points. The best shooter from Germany was Henri Junghänel. He take place 22 with a result from 383 points in kneeling, 399 points in prone and 378 points in standing. He shoot a complet result from 1160 points. Place 33 was taken by Nicolas Schallenberger with 1157 points and place 40 to Daniel Brodmeier with 1154 points.


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ECH, Osijek, 3x20 women

The womens will be start with the prone shooting at the European Championships  in Osijek. Here will be shoot not like by the mens prone competition. The womens was shoot at full points. Natallia Kalnysch from the Urkain was shoot 597 at take the first place at this competition. Ramona Goessler from Germany was taken the second place with a result of 595 points. Behind her was Kata Veres from Hungary with a reult of 593 points. Amerlie Kleinmanns was take place 13 with 590 ponts, Constanze Rotzsch place 46 with 582 points. The Team from Germany was take place 2 with 1767 points. With also 1767 points but one more inner ten was take the team from the Ukrain place 1. Place 3 was gone to the team from Poland. 


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ECH, Osijek, prone men

EM_Osijek_001Now the European Championship is open with the first important disciplin. Prone shooting of the mens. Henri Junghänel from Germany was shoot 625.8 points and was gone in the final of the best eight shooters. They neeed a result from 104.1 at each serie.This are 0.1 points less like at the last World Cup Final. Valerian Sauveplane from france was shoot 629.4 and was the first in the final. That means that Valerian was shoot every time a 10.5. This result he was shoot nearly also in the Final and take the first place at this European Championship in Osijek. His finalresult was 208.8 points. 0.2 points les was shoot Henri Junghänel and take the second place. Behind the guy from Germany was Sergei Martynov from Belarus.

France was take the first place with the team. They make also a new european- and world record. Cyril Graff, Mickael D Halluin and Valerian Sauveplane was shoot 1873.6 points. Behind them was the team of Belarus with Sergei Martynov, Vitali Bubnovich and Yury Shcherbatsevic who was shoot 1872.7 points. The 3rd place take the team of Danemark with 1872.0 with Steffen Olsen, Kenneth Nielsen and Carsten Brandt.

prone men results

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ECH 2013, Osijek

EM_OsijekThe European Championship will be taken from the 21st july till the 4th august in Osijek, Croatia, to the 3rd time. 1985 was the small bore competition in the „Pampas“ at the first time. The last time was in 2009. The wet  conditions and the high temperatures make it not so easy fort he athletes. But also many of mosquitoes who are there make it not so easy for them. Sometimes a mosquitoe will be bit the athletes also during the competition, what is not quite fun. 6 world recordes and european records was shoot in 2009. What are now the new records in the new system we will see at the next days in the disciplines of 25m, 50m and 300m. 

All athletes you find here

The official Website


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World Cup, Granada, 3x40 men

RajmondDebevecProne, standing, kneeling was yesterday. Today it is kneeling, prone, standing.
But not only the order in 3x40 are in the past, also the World Cup in Granada, Spain, who are finished with the disciplin 3x40. There are they shooting of full points in the qualification, so they are change only the order of the positions.
With 1170 you was in the final, where they are shoot now also all 3 positions.
Rajmond Debevec from Slowenia was qualificated on position number 6. With 1170 points and 60 inside tens he was shoot a great qualifaction competition.
On position number one was Arthur Aivazian from Ukrain with a result from 1180 points. That will be a importanz point in the old finalsystem and a great base to go in the old finalsystem. But in the new finalsystem they are start from zero with 3 series of 5 shoots in the kneeling position. In this position was gone Rajmond Debevec on position number one with a result of 152.7 points. In the short break to change everything for the prone position, you need something like the new SPEED-System to change the parts on your rifle and take it in the right position for prone shooting. Again they was start with 3 series with 5 shoots. With 309.7 points was Rajmond again on the first position. Again a short break and it was gone on with 2 Series in the standing position. Which are the base for the new excretory system. A 7.3 was take Rajmond on position number 5. With a total result from 456.5 points Jie Li from China was take the first place. Behind him witha result from 451.8 points was Serhiy Kulish from Ukrain and Alexander Schmirl on place number 3.

Final results

Qualification results

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World Cup, Granada, prone men

HenriJunghänel60 shots, sun and 34 degress, this is the right moment for a good iris aperture, colour filter amd polarizer. This are parts that you need for the difficult lights on the shooting range at the Sierra Nevada.
Vitali Bubnovich from Belarus was gone at the first in the final with a result from 630.7 points. Behind him was the Germans Henri Junghänel with 629.2 and Niccolas Schallenberger with 627.7. To get in the final you need series from 104.3 points a result from 625.7 points in the total.
187.3 points was shoot Henri Junghänel and get the 3rd place. He was only 0.5 points behind Carsten Brandt from Danemark before he shoots the last serie against Alexander Schmirl from Austria. In the last final serie shoots Carsten Brandt a complet result from 208.6 points and get the 2nd place. Alexander Schmirl take the first place with a result from 209.5 and wons this World Cup and climb on the first stage on the podium. 

Final results

Qualification results

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World Cup, Granada, AR women

Final hallAfter the new rules it is much more easier to make a new world record. But at the end of the World Cup Saison Liuxi Wu from china was shoot a new world record. With 421.0 points and series of 105.2 she make a great new record. Every shoot must be a 10.5.
The world record before was by 419.7 from the Serbia shooter Andrea Arsovic. She was place on position for in this competition. To go in the final you must have 417.9 points what are a means that you need 104.4 points in every serie.
Ivana Maksimovic from Serbia was qualificed with 418.3 for the final, with the same result like Lisa Ungerank from Austria.
The girl from China Siling Yi wons the final with 210.8 points before Lisa Ungerank with 208.5. The 3rd place gone to Liuxi Wu. Ivana Maksimovic wasn't found to her best form in the final and takes the 8th place.

Final results

Qualification results

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World Cup, Granada, AR Men

Peter_Sidi_004Sierra Nevada with 32 degress, this are the conditions where are the World Cup in Granada will be taken. What will be for the shooters from the south much more easier, is for the other shooters much more work.

The air rifle men was started. Peter Sidi from Hungary was gone as the 4th in the final, with a result from 625.4. The highest result was shoot by the chinese Toa Wang with 0.4 points more. Julian Justus from Germany was gone with 623.7 points in the final of the best 8 shooters. For the final you need series of 103.9.

In the final Peter Sidi was taken the first place with 206.2 points. Toa Wong was taken the 2nd place with 0.6 points less was Julian Justus taken the 3rd place.

The Finalresults

The Qualificationresults

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