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From duplex to duplex Vario

Which solution is right for me?

Aiming with micrometre peep sights and a front sight tunnel is an almost perfect solution. But even nearly perfect solutions can still be improved. In competitive sports, every point counts, especially in finals or benchrest shooting. Those tenth can make the difference between success and failure. Indeed the tolerances are tiny, particularly while aiming, when the front sight can become misaligned with the iris aperture. In fact, if the front sight is not perfectly centred in the iris aperture, the shot will miss the bullseye.

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Now available – the MEC Free Position II

We unveiled it at IWA, the international trade fair for shooting sports in Nuremberg, and now it is in stock and available for delivery – the MEC Free Position II.

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TEAMWORK - MEC centra catalogue now available

Cover 2014 englisch

"The view into the distance opens up space for ideas. Good ideas are TEAMWORK”

centra and MEC have pursued this guiding principle over recent years and become a strong team. However, our shared company philosophy has not just resulted in close collaboration, it has also given rise to a 164-page product catalogue.

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Now online available - MEC Coupon



166_MEC Gutschein

Availabe with:

  • 10,00 €
  • 25,00 €
  • 50,00 €
  • 75,00 €
  • 100,00 €
  • 150,00 €


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MEC Protect - Now available in trasmatt

  • Plastic cylinder for cartouche storage
  • Diameter 3,5 cm
  • Height adjustable from 36-60 cm
  • Accommodates a rifle cartouche
  • Suitable for all popular rifle cartouche brands


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New - Olympic Pistol Shooting

OLYMPIC PISTOL SHOOTING411_mec_centra_pistol_shooting_heinz_reinkemeier

The Olympic Disciplines
All you need to know about the sport of pistol shooting. 1st English edition, 2013, 224 pages, colour, over 1,200 photos, illustrations and graphics. Includes pictures of top international athletes in action and detailed studio shoots with experts including world champion sport pistol shooter Munkhbayar Dorjsuren, Olympic free pistol champion Uwe Potteck and three-times Olympic RFP champion Ralf Schumann.

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Field-Target Project

We are always looking for new challenges.
That's why we want to show you these pictures of our field target project.

Most advanced springer in the World - HW97 MEC prototypeEIO 2013 Springer category Best Lady - Heli Jalakas

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MEC Pad in 3 versions

 MEC Pad

  • Pillow for shooting in the kneeling position
  • Available in three versions
  • Anti-slip surface assures optimum support in your shooting position
  • ISSF rules compliant
  • Dimensions: approx. 17cm x 17cm, height approx. 2,5 cm

295_MECPad_Einlagen_800X800[4]      295_MECPad_Dnn_800X800[1]    295_MECPad_Gel_800X800[1]

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MEC Protect Blue

Product news:

MEC Protect Blue

  • Plastic cylinder for cartouche storage
  • Accommodates a rifle cartouche
  • Suitable for all popular rifle cartouche brands
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Contact IV

Butt-plate Contact IV

Butt-plate Contact IV

The fourth contact comes from MEC and Centra! No matter which gun, whether during the world cup, national league or during bench rest competitions: the majority trust the market leader. We have invented the aluminum butt plate for air rifles, now we are setting the new standard. It took some time until the Contact IV was ready to hit the market. But the waiting was worth it. Here are the details:

-       Height adjustments can be done with millimeter precision while in your shooting position

-       Dual-joint wings, variable in angle and distance

-       Smaller wing areas, movable in height, side and rotation.

-       Secure positioning of all elements by notch system

-       The high-stressed functions and adjustments are manufactuered in stainless steel.

-       Hooks for small bore can be accessed easily, high power compatible.

-       All screws can be conveniently reached, clear design

The individual solution for all rifles and for every shooting position. A mechancial master piece that fascinates and functions everlasting.  The Contact IV: Naturally continues to have nobs made out of natural rubber. But significantly more variable and steady so that it really can be adjusted for every position. We have tested it...

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